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Effective as of April 24th 2014 All ARXX ICF products are no longer available

ARXX ICF products lines(ARXX Steel, Prime and Edge) have been discontinued and consolidated to Fox Blocks insulating concrete forms. All of your future ICF construction needs can be fulfilled by Fox Blocks ICFs and the 19 Fox Blocks ICF manufacturing locations across all of the US and Canada. 

Arxx’s brands and assets are now property of Airlite Plastics Co. Read more on the ICF acquisition here



ARXX offers multiple lines of high performance products suitable for all applications. Download the ARXX product catalogue here.


ARXX Edge ICF blocks are assembled on site for the construction of walls a with concrete core from 4" to 24" or larger, providing maximum flexibility in design. The unique connectors snap into the web tees to connect the EPS panels together to assemble the form. The connectors each have grooves that are specifically designed to accommodate reinforcing steel placement. Because the forms are assembled on site, they require less space and save on the cost of shipping and storage. ARXX Edge ICFs are ideal for commercial projects, especially when the walls are high or very thick, or when building in remote locations.

Download the ARXX Edge catalogue.
ARXX Prime

ARXX Prime ICF blocks come preassembled with concrete cores of 4", 6", 8" or 10" nominal thickness. The patented exposed web is the only one of it's kind and provides solid to solid fastening, making it easy to attach interior and exterior finishes. ARXX Prime ICFs are specifically designed for a wide range of construction projects, and have won multiple awards with numerous success stories illustrating their versatility and ease of use.

Download the ARXX Prime catalogue.
ARXX Steel

ARXX Steel ICF blocks are flat wall insulating concrete forms that come preassembled, and are available with a concrete core of 6" and 8". In a complete wall system, each galvanized steel web is cast in concrete supporting the steel studs in the form. The ARXX Steel Waffle Grid design reduces the overall concrete volume in the wall by approximately 25% compared to a flat wall form, while still providing structural strength.

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Download the ARXX Steel catalogue.

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Featured Project

Bond Street Building

This small commercial project was awarded an Excellence in Concrete award and received a Better Energy Tax Credit (BETC) from the state of Oregon.  Built in a rural part of Bend Oregon, this building design required that it blend in with the more traditional rural designs of its surrounding buildings.

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