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Estimating Residential ARXX ICF Projects

Due to the acquisition of ARXX by Fox Blocks and Airlite Plastics, the ARXX estimating program wil no longer be supported and is replaced by the Estimator PRO4.

To help determine your residential project cost, please start by selecting one of the material estimating options below. When your material estimate is complete, an ARXX Representative will be in touch to connect you to your local distributor who will provide you with a quote and recommend a trained ARXX Installer or ARXX Trainer in your area.

For commercial project estimates and projects outside of the United States and Canada, please contact Fox Blocks at 877.369.2562 or email

Request an Estimate Request for Estimate

  • Download the software to plug in your numbers to get a close estimate of your project. Work with a Fox Blocks Dealer or ICF Regional Manager to obtain an accurate and detailed material estimate for your project, including all of the necessary materials and accessories to build with ARXX ICFs
  • Completed material estimates are ready to request a quote or place an order through your local ARXX Distributor

Quick Online Calculator Quick Online Estimator

  • Enter the dimensions and details of your upcoming residential project into the ARXX Online Material Calculator to obtain a quick and basic material estimate for your build
  • Estimates will include ICF forms, accessories, rebar, and concrete volume
  • Completed material estimates can be submitted to your local ARXX Distributor to obtain an approximate cost for building materials
  • The Quick Online Material Calculator can provide estimates for projects that require a 6" or 8" concrete core. If your project requires a thicker concrete core, or if you would like a more detailed estimate, please use the ARXX Material Estimating Program

ARXX Material Estimating Program ARXX Material Estimating Program

  • Provides a more accurate material estimate for your build, including ICFs, accessories, rebar, concrete, waterproofing, parging, alignment, opening buck materials, and man hour labor rates
  • Microsoft Excel based program (2003 or later)
  • Completed material estimates can be used to request a quote or place an order through your local Arxx Distributor

For assistance with estimates, please contact your new Fox Blocks local rep.

Technical Support (877) 369-2562 (Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST) 

  • or
  • Customer Service (877) 369-2562 option 1 (Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5 pm CST)

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LEED Platinum, 14,000sf community center for public exposure to sustainable design. Winner, USGBC Leadership Award and two AIA awards. ARXX used to mitigate summer heat load. Walls built in half the time of cast-in-place. Facilitated a zero construction waste program. Interior ARXX walls also reduced noise.

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